Hey there! I'm Gunish I love creating things
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We utilized the Vite front-end framework in conjunction with React, which streamlined development and focus on performance optimization. We also integrated Git and Git branching techniques to their full extent! This helped facilitating efficient collaboration within a multi-developer version control. For the backend, we used Express, NodeJS, and Mongoose to architect a robust backend ecosystem! This marked my first time collaborating within a team on a single project, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I gained valuable insights into the entire process of information flow, from creating a data structure model to intercepting and manipulating data within controllers, and finally utilizing it on the frontend and vice versa. Additionally, I cherished the collaborative aspect of the project, where we divided tasks, shared ideas, and seamlessly merged our work.

Focus Logistics

165 Alberta Ltd.

World Of Joy (Commercial Project)

As the lead developer for the World of Joy Child Care Centre website, I spearheaded a commercial project for the World of Joy Child Care Centre website, engaging in client meetings to discern their specific needs. From conceptualization to implementation, I crafted dynamic and responsive pages like the ValuesPage and HomePage using React.js, Chakra UI, and React Bootstrap. This venture not only showcases my technical proficiency but also underscores my ability to meet client expectations and deliver a visually appealing, functional website. The success of the project culminated in client satisfaction and compensation for my dedicated efforts.


Employed the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React.js, Node.js) to successfully build and deploy an online store. Proficiently harnessed backend resources to dynamically render valuable information to the front-end through adept utilization of API calls. Implemented robust user authentication and data encryption mechanisms, incorporating industry-leading technologies such as JWT (JSON Web Tokens) and Bcrypt. These security measures adhere to best practices, ensuring a high level of protection for user data and enhancing the overall system’s security. Accomplished a presentation page of the user's entire orders history, showcasing a comprehensive record of their past transactions.

Flight Club

Engaged in daily collaboration sessions with the team, utilizing Scrum methodologies to meticulously plan and construct our application. Demonstrated a commitment to supporting each team member across all aspects of the project, fostering a collaborative environment that prioritized efficiency in the app development process. Developed the frontend of FlightClub, a real-time flight booking platform, utilizing React.js, TypeScript & SCSS. Integrated real-time APIs for flight schedules and information, ensuring users have up-to-date data for their bookings. Implemented secure and seamless transactions by integrating the Stripe API for processing payments.

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